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Mabel is a 1998 Revamped Horse Trailer who creates the most captivating back drop to any of life's greatest

moments. She has been transformed into a Magical Mobile Event Space that can be anything and everything you imagine. Mabel has a whimsical, vintage charm and is sure to create an experience like no other wherever and whenever you meet her. When Chaos & Cappuccinos met Mabel, she was in pretty rough shape. She spent many weekends carrying and transporting Clydesdale horses across Canada in her past life. Now, she has an exciting brand new life Making Memories everywhere she goes, with everyone she meets. Her new life began in August 2019, when Chaos & Cappuccinos picked her up from a local farm, just outside of Toronto and spent 6 months refurbishing her into the Magical Mobile event space she is today. Her new life is just beginning...Weddings, Bridal Showers, Proposals, Photoshoots, Corporate events, Private Parties, Business  Promotions, Baby Showers, Birthday Bashes, Pop Up Shops, Launch Parties, Celebrations and Random Gatherings, Mabel is devoted to making each and every moment special. She is beautiful and loveable. She has a heart of Gold, and yes a bit dominating at times... look at her, she’s a statement piece; yet an understated one. She’s classy & sassy, sweet & spicy, she’s real & raw. You deserve Her and She deserves You.

Mabel is versatile. She can be soft, yet fierce, romantic yet rockin. She is adaptable. Whatever you are looking for at

your next event, Mabel can not only accommodate but create the experience you are looking for. She brings a sense

of coziness, a sense of home, yet a magical experience to any and every event. Mabel can be apart of parties, festivals, just because gatherings, photo shoots, anything You. She can serve coffee, alcohol, packaged products, display local art & pose for photographers. She can be an Instagram phenomenon and loved by Pinners around the world. Best of all, she has options. The World Truly Is Her Oyster. She isn’t restricted or confined, She isn't stuck in a rut doing the same ol' thing everyday. What a life!

Let's start Making Memories together,

Mabel xoxo


The face behind Chaos & Cappuccinos....a globetrotting romantic, a girl who passionately seeks adventure, wine and happiness in every moment. She's most at home on Georgian Bay or when jet setting around the globe. The girl strutting 5-inch heels, drinking cold coffee from the day before, always grabbing life by the horns. A busy bee, a social butterfly, a go getter, a planner, a doer, and a dreamer. She's the girl chasing each and every sunset, up at sunrise for a hot yoga class, a sucker for deep, soulful conversations with a side of white string lights and a bottle of Zinfandel.  She's in love with moments, truly believing that a great ambiance, shared with friends and lovers, has the ability to transform a seemingly ordinary day or evening into something pretty darn special. 

Her name is Courtney & she's fallen deeply. So here she comes...Mabel. A magical, vintage, whimsical horse trailer. 

Let's Connect. Create. Cultivate. Cherish. & Celebrate the art of Making Memories together.

With love,

Chaos & Cappuccinos xoxo

Chaos & Cappuccinos
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