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“We cannot say thank you enough to Chaos and Cappuccinos for putting together our amazing day. The day, and everything leading up to it, was truly beyond all our expectations. It’s hard enough to plan a wedding, but having to plan one in such a short period of time and having to navigate around the COVID-19 pandemic made things nearly impossible for us. Chaos and Cappuccinos were available for all our worries and doubts leading up to the wedding day and were always willing to help out wherever they could, often going above and beyond. When we were down or discouraged, they were always there to remind us of the positives and to lift our spirits. If anyone can get you through the stress of a wedding (regardless of what’s happening in the world)- it’s Chaos and Cappuccinos!

Our wedding was planned in only 45 days but with Mabel Micro Weddings—a package involving the power duo of Chaos and Cappuccinos with Sunmoon Media—along with a team of other vendors, our day really came together seamlessly (though I’m sure they protected us from many hiccups!). To us, it felt like everyone involved were willing to push their boundaries to make our special day as personal and memorable as we could only have imagined. 

Chaos and Cappuccinos paired with Sunmoon Media make an unstoppable team. Chaos and Cappuccinos coordinated with all the vendors, some pre-existing from our original wedding plans, while many others were suggested and organized by C&C. The entire event planning and styling was led by C&C, all with their signature smile, indomitable spirit, and infectious attitude. Sunmoon Media supported us and Chaos and Cappuccinos throughout the entire process. We are incredibly grateful  they were able to capture all the details for those present and even for those who watched the wedding remotely. The team of Sunmoon and Chaos helped us create an entirely new vision for what our wedding looked like, willing to work with our own wants while also offering much needed advice whenever we needed. 

On the day of the wedding, Mabel provided a fantastic oasis for the bridesmaids to pop champagne, for guests to grab drinks, and as a backdrop for many photographs. It became THE spot our guests went to get away and steal a few cute photos together. She quickly became the focal point of our big day, and we couldn’t have asked for a better centrepiece! She brought just enough of that magical, whimsical, coziness everyone wants to feel on their wedding day. 

Thank you so much Mabel and Chaos and Cappuccinos. As a couple, we’ve said this multiple times, and now reflecting back on our big day and everything leading up to it, we know with absolute certainty that we couldn’t have done... anything without them. We are forever grateful!!"

With Love,

E & J


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